Pattern 222: Pantea

Fabric collar:
Pattern 222 – Pantea, gold satin lining


For decoration Indian brocade in peach and gold color is used. This medium weight art silk fabric is smooth and shiny. Woven golden threads capture the light and shimmer nicely but can be pulled out. Dog claws can also destroy this fabric quickly.

Collars made of brocade are soft, pleasant to the touch, medium thick and look very prestigious. They are suitable as an occasional wear. We recommend prudent care, suitable for silk fabrics, gentle hand wash is required.

Collars are lined with satin which is very smooth and has a very nice shine. Lining protects dog necks against rubbing of nylon strap and its edges. With wear or washing some pilling may occur. To remove that you can use scissors or any other fabric-pill remover.

Depending on the stock, presented fabric can be used for:

  • martingale fabric collars: 2,5 cm, 3,6 cm, 5 cm
  • buckle fabric collars: 2,5 cm, 3 cm
  • non-tightening fabric collars: 2,5 cm, 3,6 cm, 5 cm

Fabric is shown on 5 cm wide martingale collar.

When ordering a fabric collar, don’t forget to include information about:

  • collar type
  • collar width
  • fabric pattern
  • neck circumference (A), measured in the middle of the neck
  • head circumference (B)
  • shipping address
  • payment method
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