Pattern 314: Rosehip

Fabric collar:
Pattern 314 – Rosehip


For decoration decorative polyester fabric is used. This thick fabric has a plushy/velvety look, is very soft, compact and quite durable.

Collars made of this material are thick and have nice natural look. They are suitable for moderate to everyday use and are easy to maintain. Tightening of the control loops in martingles is slighly less smooth due to the velvety material.

 Depending on the stock, presented fabric can be used for:

  • martingale fabric collars: 3,6 cm, 5 cm
  • buckle fabric collars: 2,5 cm, 3 cm
  • non-tightening fabric collars: 3,6 cm, 5 cm
  • patterned leashes: 2,5 cm

Fabric is shown on 5 cm wide martingale collar.

When ordering a fabric collar, don’t forget to include information about:

  • collar type
  • collar width
  • fabric pattern
  • neck circumference (A), measured in the middle of the neck
  • head circumference (B)
  • shipping address
  • payment method
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