Terms and conditions of the company Galgina, Simona Strle s.p. (hereinafter referred to as “provider”) are drawn up in accordance with the law on the protection of consumers (ZVPot-UPB2), on the basis of recommendations made by the Chamber of Commerce Slovenia and international codes of conduct for e-commerce. Terms and conditions in English language apply to foreign customers (outside Slovenia).



Name: Galgina, Simona Strle s.p.
Address: Zadobrova 77, 3211 Škofja vas, Slovenia
VAT number: 50850946 (VAT reverse charge under Article 44 of VAT Directive 2006/112/ES.)
ID number: 7082550000
IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 3956 610

Contact: infogalgina@gmail.com



Products named Galgina, which are published on the site www.galgina.si are part of the production program of company Galgina, Simona Strle s.p. All products are handmade and made in Slovenia.



For all buyers outside Slovenia provider accepts payment in advance only. Following ways of payment are provided:
• via bank transfer to the account of provider by prior arrangement via e-mail at infogalgina@gmail.com
• via Paypal by prior arrangement via e-mail at infogalgina@gmail.com

Provider shall issue a buyer an invoice on a durable medium with separated costs and instructions how to withdraw from the purchase and how to return items if that is necessary and possible. Payment can be made in one lump sum. Buyer is obliged to check the correctness of the invoice information and notify the provider about errors within eight days from the date of invoice. Later given objections about correctness of invoices are not taken into account.



Prices are expressed in EUR (€). Prices are valid at the time of placed order and do not have certain time validity. Prices are valid in the case of payments with the above payment methods, under the above conditions. At the moment when provider confirms the order, distance contract between provider and buyer is concluded. From this moment all prices and other terms are fixed and apply both for the provider and for the buyer. The concluded contract between the buyer and the provider is permanently stored at the company of Galgina, Simona Strle s.p., Zadobrova 77, 3211 Škofja vas, Slovenia.



Buyer and provider communicate via electronic messages. They make an agreement about details of an order, such as type of item, size of item, item pattern, quantity, method of payment and delivery.

Provider makes a review of the order, checks availability and confirms the order or rejects it if legitimate reason exists. Buyer has the chance to cancel the order via e-mail at infogalgina@gmail.com within an hour after order confirmattion with a clear message address CANCELLATION. If the buyer doesn’t cancel the order, it goes into the process.

Provider will contact the buyer via e-mail to check the accuracy of the data or to ensure the accuracy of supply. Provider updates the buyer in relation to the supply of items. If the delivery period for the buyer is inadequate, he shall inform the provider. Provider will remove the item from the order and return any already paid-up funds to the buyer. The rest of the items from the order provider will supply or cancel whole order if that is the choice of the buyer. The provider does not assume any liability for damage resulting from the longer delivery times or because of the absence of deliveries of items provider does not have in stock.

The provider prepares items within the agreed deadline, dispatches and informs the buyer via e-mail. In same e-mail provider informs the buyer about the return policy, where he can turn in event of delays in delivery and in case of appeal.



Buyer has the right to resign from the contract or purchase within 14 days of taking over of the package without giving a reason for his decision. The buyer shall notify the provider about the decision at infogalgina@gmail.com. The cost of return in relation to the assignment of the contract is paid by the buyer. It is necessary to return the items to the supplier within the period of 30 days of the communication of the withdrawal from the contract. Items must be returned in its original packaging, intact and unaltered, unless the items are faulty, lost or destroyed, its quantity has been reduced and that is not buyer’s fault. Refund payments will be carried out as soon as possible within the period of 30 days of received message of withdrawal from the contract. A refund shall be enforced on bank account of the buyer.

The return of the received goods within the deadline to withdraw from the contract is considered to be the message of withdrawal from the contract. Return shipments back to the following address: Galgina, Simona Strle s.p., Zadobrova 77, 3211 Škofja vas, Slovenia. Provider does not accept payable consignments. Provider does not accept returns due to innacurate measurment.



All Galgina products are made with the utmost care, precision and quality materials. With our products we are trying to delight and satisfy your needs. If you are not satisfied with our products or you think that they are not as you expected, please feel free to send them back to Galgina, Simona Strle s.p., Zadobrova 77, 3211 Škofja vas, Slovenia. If you notify provider with the reason for your return, he will reimburse the paid price. Buyer has to give all of the information that provider needs to successfully refund paid price (contact information, bank account number). The buyer may request a new product rather than cash or credit memo. In case damage has occurred to the package during delivery contact the delivery service and provider via email at infogalgina@gmail.com. Buyer is using all items at his own risk.



Provider dispatches items within 10 working days if all the required material for the manufacture of the product is in stock. If the material is not in stock, provider will inform the customer and agree on a date for delivery. Provider will try to dispatch ordered items as soon as possible. Shipping time depends on the delivery service on whom provider has no influence. All international shipments will be sent via Pošta Slovenije. Upon delivery buyer’s signature is needed. Shipping costs are charged on basis of Pošta Slovenije’s price list. If buyer doesn’t take over the consignment, provider will charge him for all costs related with shippment. If the buyer decides to cancel the order after the package has been sent, package has to be taken over and returned to the provider. In case buyer does not take over the package and mail returns alone, provider reserves a right to charge the actual cost of handling and shipping or minimum 5,00 €.



Provider undertakes to permanently protect all buyer’s personal data. Provider keeps the personal data of buyers (name and surname, e-mail address, contact phone number, primary addresses and address for delivery, country of residence, time and archive communications with provider) for an indefinite period of time. Provider will use personal data solely for the purposes to fulfill the contract (sending of information material, quotes, invoices) and the rest of the necessary communication. In any case, user data will not be passed to third parties.



Provider will contact buyers through the means of distance communication only when buyer does not oppose explicitly. It is possible to conclude a distance contract in Slovene or English language.



Opinions or user’s comments and products reviews made by buyers are part of the functionality of the company intended for the user community. Provider reviews all customer opinions and comments prior to the final publication. Provider will not post opinions or comments that are offensive in any way, or according to the provider other users and visitors do not benefit. With the submission of opinion or comment the costumer expressly agrees to the terms of use and allows the provider publication of the part or the entire text in all of the electronic and other media. Provider has the right to use the content for any purpose and without time limit which is in the business interest of the provider. The author of the opinion at the same time declares and guarantees that is the owner of the material and moral copyrights for written opinions and comments, and that these rights non-exclusive and unlimited transfer to the provider.



The provider shall do his best to ensure the correctness of the data which are published on his pages. Despite this provider can fail to fix the data on web pages such as properties of the item, date of delivery or price. In such a case the provider will notify the customer about the changes and allow him to withdraw from the contract or replacement of the ordered item. Provider is not responsible for the consequences of products usage.

Although the provider tries to ensure accurate photos of products, it is necessary to understand all photographs as symbolic. Photos do not provide properties for items. Each item is unique, so there may be minor variations in color or pattern. Provider can withdraw from the contract with the customer only if a manifest error is found (46. Article OZ). As a manifest error the essential characteristics of the item and all the fallacies are defined, which by custom or by purpose of the parties are considered to be decisive, and in the case of the knowledge of the provider would not confirm contracts. A manifest error in the price is also included. The provider reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time and in any manner, regardless of the reason and without prior warning.



All published contents are owned by the company Galgina, Simona Strle s.p. Any referencing, copying, dubbing and skimming without the knowledge of the company is prohibited.



Provider subscribes to the legislation on consumer protection. Provider is trying to comply his duty to establish an effective system for dealing with complaints and determined person which, in case of trouble, the buyer can connect by e-mail. The complaint shall be submitted via the e-mail address infogalgina@gmail.com. Complaint process is confidential.

Any disputes that arise between buyer and supplier parties will try to resolve by mutual agreement.