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Presentation of a dog collar design

Design 357 – Navajo


The decorative side of the Navajo collar is made of decorative polyester fabric in gold and green color. This fabric is thin and soft with a noticeable weave structure. Collars are lined with golden brown polyester satin which is very smooth and has a nice, elegant shine.

Collars with Navajo design are medium thick and a bit rigid, yet the size is easily adjustable. It’s best to reserve them for special occasion wear only as the fabric can get easily frayed and damaged by rubbing and scratching. Collars are available in different types and widths, the design is shown on a 5 cm wide martingale collar.

Each collar is handmade, carefully, and custom-designed from quality non-animal origin materials. For the most beautiful look and comfort, a strong nylon webbing is always hidden in the core of the collar. Metal fittings are silver-colored (nickel finish – not stainless), D-rings are welded for maximum safety. Each collar is finished with a genuine Galgina label.


While stock lasts, the presented design can be used for:

  • martingale collars: 2,5 cm, 3,8 cm, 5 cm
  • non-tightening collars: 2,5 cm, 3,8 cm, 5 cm
  • buckle collars: 2,5 cm, 3 cm

Required details for collar order:

  • collar type
  • collar width
  • collar design
  • dog’s neck circumference (A), measured in the middle of the neck
  • dog’s head circumference (B), measured right in front of the ears
  • puppy’s breed and age if younger than 1 year of age
  • invoice and delivery information: name, surname, address, postal code, city
  • payment method
Measure neck circumference in the middle of the neck (A) and head circumference right in front of the ears (B). Measure close to the body.