What is a martingale collar?

What is a martingale collar?

Martingale collar has limited ability of tightening. It is made of two loops, adjustable and control loop. They are separated with metal slides.

When leash is pulled, control loop closes and dog can’t wiggle out of the collar. When pulling stops, collar loosens on dog’s neck.

What’s the purpose of a martingale collar?

It’s primarily designed for sighthounds as they have very narrow heads and can easily slip out of a regular collar. It is suitable for all dogs with narrow heads, timid dogs and those who easily wiggle out of their collars.

The purpose of a martingale collar is safety, so a dog doesn’t become unexpectedly unleashed, which could occur if he slips out of the collar.

What’s not the purpose of a martingale collar?

It is not suitable for dogs that pull on a leash. It’s also not intended for correction of unwanted behaviour, especially not for eliminating of leash pulling.

“How to fit a martingale collar correctly?”

You should loosen the collar, so it can easily slips over dog’s head. Then it should be placed in the middle of the neck and tightened with a slider.

Collar should fit closely to dog’s neck and you should be able to put two or three fingers under the collar. It is very important that two slides that hold the control loop are not touching each other. Only then control loop will close properly and collar will tighten when necessary. Control loop should never hang freely away from the neck when leash is loose.

“I’m always using a collar that is loosend all the way, because it’s the easiest to put in on and of. Is that wrong?”

This is wrong because such collar is too loose. The size adjustment process should be repeated every time the collar is used. When the slides of the control loop are close to each other or are even touching, the collar will no longer tighten in case of emergency. Such collar is useless as it can be pulled over the dog’s head at any time.

“Can dog wears a martingale collar when alone at home?”

Due to its tightening effect martingale collar should be used on dogs only under owner’s supervision. A dog may get stuck on a variety of objects and there is a possibility that he will not be able to get out of this situation alone when the collar tightens.

Identification tags should rather be used on collars without tightening effect, so a dog can constantly wears it. If you want to place an id tag on a martingale collar anyway, be sure not to attach it onto the D-ring for leash attachment.

“Is there anything I should pay attention to?”

All collars should be checked on a regular basis. Any collar showing signs of stitching and metal damage (cracks, rust) should be replaced with a new one.

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