Here are some answers and tips which can help you decide what kind of product would be the best choice for you and your dog.

General questions

“How can I order your items?”

We accept orders via email infogalgina@gmail.com.

“How can I pay and what are the shipping costs?”

From customers outside Slovenia we accept payment via PayPal and via bank transfer. Shipping and handling costs are charged according to the price list of shipping provider Pošta Slovenije.

“How long is the turnaround time?”

When placing an order we’ll inform you about the time we need to process it. Usually the waiting time is a couple of days or up to a week long. On rare occasions it can take longer to complete your order. For all foreign countries (other than Slovenia) we accept only payment in advance.

“Why your items cannot be purchased in pet stores?”

Mainly because they are all made-to-order.

“Will I get exact same details on the fabric as it is shown on the photo?”

Unfortunately that’s not possible, as fabric may vary and some patterns repeat more often than others. No matter how hard we try to show you every detail of the pattern, photos are still symbolic. Be careful when choosing fabric for narrower/smaller items as it is difficult to fully capture some big or diverse pattern on them. Let us know if you want some specific part of the pattern to be used on your item.

“How should I wash any of your items?”

You can use normal laundry detergent and wash them by hand or in washing machine at 30 degrees C with similar colors. We recommend using gentle cycle and a bag for delicate fabrics for machine washing. Do not use any aggressive stain removers or bleach and do not tumble dry. Do not rub items with different brushes. After washing, items should be left in a shade to dry.

“Can you sew any of your items from my fabric?”

No, we do not use fabrics from our customers.

“Can I buy some of your fabric/metal parts/other material for my own sewing project?”

No, we do not sell our supplies.

Questions about collars

“I can’t find what size are your collars, are they suitable just for large dogs?”

Each collar is made-to-order and is customized to fit your dog. Photos only represent fabrics that are used for all of our products. Fabrics for collars are usually shown on a 5 cm wide martingale collar.

“Are your collars suitable for sighthounds only?”

No, they are suitable for almost every dog, you just have to choose the right collar (type, width, size).

“Are all published collars in stock right now?”

No, we don’t sew them in advance. Exceptions are samples which we need for photographing. When you choose product, model and fabric we will sew another (custom made) for you.

“Help, I can’t decide what collar width would be suitable for my dog.”

You can cut off pieces of paper or fabric in different widths and put them around dog’s neck as a collar. Collar shouldn’t hinder your dog from moving and it shouldn’t cover whole neck from ears to shoulders. For bigger sighthounds (Spanish greyhound, Greyhound, Saluki, Irish wolfhound, Afgan hound, big Whippet) 5 cm is the most appropriate width. For smaller Whippets and Italian greyhounds 3,6 cm is the most desirable collar width. For puppies we recommend Puppy collar which is 2,5 cm wide. For all other breeds and mixes it depends on length of the neck. Longer the neck, wider the collar can be.

“Can I choose a different color of lining of collar from one shown in the picture?”

Of course, just tell us what color you like when placing an order. You can add link to the photo.

“How do I measure my dog?”

Use measuring tape or cord and measure in the middle of the neck and close to the neck. Do not add additional cm for reserve. Measure the dog’s head on its widest point. Please accurately measure your dog as we totally depend on given informations and we do not accept returns due to wrong fit. Let us know if your dog is a puppy, has thick fur or you want the collar to be more tight/loose.

Measure dog’s neck in point A and head in point B as shown.

“What information should I give when ordering a collar?”

We need following information:
– selected fabric (name or number in the design description),
– type of collar,
– collar width,
– neck and head measurements,
– address for delivery,
– method of payment,
– other special notes (thick fur, puppy, breed, individual whishes …).

“Is the fact that I’m buying collar for a puppy important?”

Yes it is. In that case we add some reserve for growing period so you can use the collar longer.

“Are collars made of fabric strong enough for a bigger dog?”

Yes, inside is a strong nylon strap. Still, you are using all of our products at your own risk.

“What is a martingale collar?”

Martingale collar is made of adjustable and control loop. When the leash is pulled, seperated control loop closes through two different rings. Collar tightens up evenly around the neck and size reduces greatly. This type of collar can be adjusted with a slider and should fit closely even when walking on a loose leash. We strongly recommend it for timid dogs, adopted sighthounds and dogs with a tiny and narrow heads. Due to the tightening effect martingale collar should be used on dogs only under owner’s supervision.


“Can sighthound sneak out of a martingale collar?”

If the collar fits properly there is very little chance your sighthound will slip out of it. You should be very careful when putting collar on your dog’s neck. Martingale collar has to be adjusted with the slider for the first time before you put it on (to loosen it). When the collar is on the neck you should adjust it with the slider for the second time to tighten it. When the size is right you should be able to put two or three fingers between dog’s neck and collar. It is very important that two rings that hold the control loop are not touching each other. In fact, they should be as far away from each other as possible. Control loop should never hang freely away from the neck when leash is loose. Only then control loop will close properly and collar will tighten when leash is strained.

Hrti (22)
Properly fitted martingale collar on a sighthound.

“I can’t see where martingale collars can be opened?”

That’s because you can’t open a martingale collar. You simply put it on and off over your dog’s head.

“I would like to order a collar but I don’t have a dog yet so I can’t measure his neck and head. What can I do?”

Sometimes breeders are willing to help and they measure the puppy for you. Sometimes that’s not possible, so any other information such as height, weight, age, size, breed, constitution or ever photo come in handy. Without neck size we can still miss and collar is useless. If you are not sure we will settle the size right it’s better for you to postpone the order until your new family member arrives.

“My dog pulls on the leash a lot. I heard martingale collar corrects this unwanted behaviour, is this true?”

No, none of the collar will stop that behaviour by itself. Martingale collar is used only for safety reasons, when you don’t want your dog to slip out of it and become unleashed. Prolonged pulling can cause serious damage to your dog’s neck and your arms, walking like that in not a joy for you or your dog. The easiest and most effective way to solve behavioural problems is with the help of a good dog obedience trainer.

“What kind of metal parts do you use?”

All metal parts are rounded so they don’t tear the fabric like flat ones do. Some parts are welded and some are casted. Pictures show metal parts that are usually used for martingale collars.

“How long do the collars last? Will they last for 10 years?”

That depends on many factors and combinations of them. To begin with, durability depends on the type of the fabric, some wear out faster than others. It also depends on how often do you use the collar, is your dog wearing it 24/7, or just during walks, do you allow your dog to swim with it (dirty water, salt water) and play in the mud, how long is the collar being exposed to various weather effects such as sun (outdoor dogs), does your dog pull on the leash … Also depends on how you take care of the collar, if you wash it too rarely than dirt gets deep in, or the collar even fully fades when it is being washed too frequently. After all, it also depends on an individual’s perception of when the collar becomes useless. By all means, the life expectancy of fabric collars can’t compete with a lifetime of leather and metal collars, nor is it meant to last forever (or 10 years). It is kind of the same as with our everyday wardrobe. We all change it sooner than after a decade of use.
Any collar showing signs of stitching, nylon core or metal damage (cracks, rust) should be replaced.

Questions about harnesses

“Are harnesses in your offer safe for car rides and are they car crash tested?”

No, all our harnesses are intedend for dog walking and they are not tested in a car crash.

Questions about coats

“Can I order the coat for any other dog breed?”

Our patterns fit medium and large sighthound breeds best. You can arrange a fitting with our seamstress so she can tell if the pattern can be adjusted to fit your dog. We do not sew clothing for small italian greyhounds and other small dogs.

Do you have another question? Contact us via infogalgina@gmail.com, we’d be more than happy to answer.