Frequently asked questions

“How can I wash your products?”

You can wash them in a washing machine or by hand.
For machine washing, we recommend using a normal cycle at 30-40 degrees C, washing with similar colors and usual laundry detergent. We recommend putting the items in a bag for delicate fabrics, a pillow cover or to tie them up into a cloth so they don’t hit the glass or the drum of the washing machine. Do not use any aggressive stain removers, bleach, or softener and do not tumble dry. Do not rub items with brushes, do not let them dry in the sun.

“Can you make items from my fabric?”

No, we don’t offer this service.

“Is it possible to purchase products in bulk with a discount or at a wholesale price?”

No, we don’t offer wholesale. Because all our products are handmade and made in small quantities for each customer individually, we don’t offer volume or any other discounts.

“Why it is not possible to purchase your products anywhere else, for example in pet stores?”

Because we sell our items to end customers only.

“Is it possible to purchase supplies only so I can make dog gear by myself?”

No, we don’t sell supplies.

“Can you make a product according to the customer’s ideas (custom orders outside the program)?”

No, we don’t accept such orders at the moment.

“Are the dog’s measurements mandatory at every order?”

Yes, unless we can use them from a previous order and changes in size/pattern are not needed.

“Do you offer item personalization (engraving, embroidery of names, phone numbers)?”

No, personalization is not possible as we don’t have the needed equipment for that.

“Can I choose the hardware color/material?”

No, we’re using only nickel-plated silver-colored metal parts and plastic parts in black color.

“Is hardware rustproof”


“Are items suitable for use in spring or seawater?”


“Do you make long training leashes?”


“Can you customize leash length to my liking?”

Yes, customization is possible up to the length of 3 m, price/material upon request.

“Are harnesses in your offer safe for car rides and are they car crash tested?”

No, all our harnesses are intended for dog walking, they are not tested in a car crash. They are handmade, so the conditions or the materials are not standardized or tested.

“Is it possible to order a harness for a dog that is not a sighthound?”

Yes, if your dog is big enough for our harness (weighs at least 8-10 kg) and you can provide accurate measurements.

“Do you still make sighthound coats?”


“Do you make cat collars and harnesses?”


You didn’t find the answer to your question? Contact us via email at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help you.