Purchase process

1. Step: placing an order

We accept orders and inquiries via email at [email protected]

When ordering, please provide all the requested information we need for the order – they are written in the description of each item (including accurate measurements) and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

  • If you have already ordered our products in the past and the fit is still correct, then new measurements are not necessary. This does NOT apply to growing puppies whose measurements are changing.
  • If you’d like us to use any data from your previous order, please let us know when placing a new order.
  • If you need individual advice, please provide appropriate measurements in your inquiry.
  • Ask any questions you may have first, and only place the order when you are convinced it is what you want. The opposite approach, in which you place an order first and then inquire, is undesirable since it creates confusion, slows down, and complicates the ordering process.

2. Step: an order confirmation and payment

By replying to your message, we will confirm your order is accepted and inform you of the final purchase amount and the estimated delivery time. If you do not see or receive a reply to your message within one business day, please check your spam folder.

If the order was inadequate, we will ask you to complete it. If the order cannot be fulfilled for any reason, we will agree on one of the other options or the order will be rejected. Only when we have all the needed details, the order is considered successfully placed/accepted. If you do not complete the inadequate order, it will be canceled automatically.

When we confirm your order, the order is placed in the production queue and you’ll receive the proforma invoice/order confirmation.

For domestic orders, we accept:

  • upfront payment,
  • cash on delivery.

For international orders we accept:

  • upfront payment only (via bank transfer or PayPal).

If you have chosen to pay upfront, you will receive a pro forma invoice via email with all the necessary information to make a payment. If you have chosen to pay via PayPal, we will also send you the payment request using the chosen method. We will inform you via email about the cleared payment. Materials are reserved until the due date of the proforma invoice. If you do not pay the proforma invoice until the due date, the order will be canceled automatically and removed from the queue.

You can cancel the order via e-mail within 24 hours after receiving the order confirmation/proforma invoice.

3. Step: making and dispatching the order

Each order is made individually, so this process takes some time, depending mainly on the number and difficulty of the orders. Orders are filled in the order of reception, skipping the queue is not possible.

When your order is dispatched, we will inform you via e-mail and give you the tracking number. For delivery purposes, we need the recipient’s name, surname, address, postal code, city, country, and in some cases email address and phone number.

All orders are dispatched via Slovenia Post, international shipping is possible via DHL also (upon agreement). Orders are always dispatched with original invoices.

In case of any problems or questions regarding the order, products, or delivery, please contact us as soon as possible via email at [email protected]