Basic softshell sighthound harness


In addition to a slender body, sighthounds also have a quite deep chest, which means that they can easily slip from a normal harness. Harness, created just for them, has extended last part and one extra tape that fastenes on the narrowest part where the rib cage ends. Such model is considered very safe, because sighthound can not escape from it.

Basic sighthound harness is made of a number of straps that are fully wrapped in soft and lightweight softshell. Two straps, that embrace the chest, are adjustable and are closing with strong plastic buckles. Straps along the neck are also adjustable in length. The back strap is equipped with two rings to snap the leash.

The Basic harness does not hinder the dog’s movement and does not cross over any joint, therefore this model is among the most recommended.

Softshell is a soft and somehow stiff material with a slightly cushioned feel. It’s durable, water repelent and easy to maintain but it’s not UV stable so colors can fade.

Now it is also possible to order buckle closures on both sides of the harness, additional charges are 12 EUR.

Link to the comparison and more info on both of our harness models (Basic and Comfort).

Available widths:

  • 2,5 cm
  • 3,3 cm (shown on the photos)

Available colors:

Melange blue
Melange pink
Royal blue
Melange purple
Teal green

Every Basic sighthound harness is made to fit your sighthound, so you need to measure him before ordering. Ask your dog to stand in a relaxed and upright manner while taking measurement and do not hurry. If you’re having troubles measuring your hound, take more measurements (at least 3) and then take the average.

When ordering, please include:

  • breed
  • sex
  • measurements:

ABack length: measure the length over the spine starting from the base of the neck (just in front of the shoulder blades, lift your dog’s head to find the starting point) to the base of the tail (lift your dog’s tail to set the ending point).

BUnderbelly length: measure the length from the sternum bone (continue between front legs) to the end of the rib cage (level of last rib).

CSide “neck” length : measure the length from in between the shoulder blades to the sternum bone.

DMaximum chest circumference: measure the chest circumference behind the front legs, where the chest is the deepest.

EMinimum chest circumference – measure the circumference of the narrowest part of the ribcage – over both last ribs. DON’T measure the waist.

  • width
  • color
  • shipping address
  • payment method

Despite the effort to correct all the published data as soon as possible, it can happen we run out of stock before we manage to refresh the web page. In such case, we ask for your understanding.