Collar types

Buckle collar


Buckle collar can be opened and closed with a plastic buckle and it’s suitable for dogs that are easy to control and their head is wider than their neck. Size of the collar is adjustable. Because we are using quite compact and robust plastic buckles, we do not recommend these collars for small dogs.


Buckle collars are available in different widths:

  • 3 cm
  • 2,5 cm

You can see buckles we are using most of the time on the photos below.


You can choose from large variety of designs that are published in a catalouge.

All designs can’t be used on all collar widths. We can make 2.5 cm wide collars from lightweight and most of the medium thick fabrics and 3 cm wide collars with thicker fabrics also.

When ordering a Buckle collar, please include:

  • collar type: Buckle collar
  • collar width
  • design
  • neck circumference (A), measured in the middle of the neck
  • head circumference (B), measured in front of the ears
  • shipping address
  • payment method