Collar types

Puppy collar


Puppy collar is the smallest and the lightest amongst Galgina’s collars. Its purpose is getting a puppy used to wearing the collar and learning to walk on a leash. You can start using it as soon as the puppy arrives in his new home.

Puppy collar is 2,5 cm wide, its size is adjustable between 20 and 33 cm.
Because the size is already predefined, no measurements are needed to place an order. Width and size fits Whippet puppies and some Italian greyhound puppies as well (for the latter even a bit smaller size can be made upon request). Italian greyhounds and smaller Whippets can usually wear this collar until they reach the full grown size.

Materials and designs

Nylon core can be wrapped in different fabrics:

  • cotton fabric which is soft, pleasant to the touch but more delicate and wears out faster
  • water-repellent fabric that is easy to maintain, more durable than cotton and fast drying

Main features of the Puppy collar are:

  • no tightening effect, which allows the puppy to get used to wearing a collar and learning to walk on a leash
  • it has a larger adjustable range than very small martingale collars and is therefore usable for longer period of time
  • no plastic parts
  • it is safe to use on unsupervised puppies
  • made of slim and lightweight metal fittings
The illustration of the dog’s head shows the loop, through which you place the collar over the dog’s head.

How to put on the Puppy collar

Loosen the collar so it can easily slips over puppy’s head. Then it should be placed in the middle of the neck and tightened with a slider. You should be able to put one or two fingers under the collar. Loosen the collar again to remove it.

If your puppy is very timid, gets easily frightened or wiggles out of the collar, the martingale collar could be the safer choice for him (for the walks), even though you’ll need to replace the collar more often.

The same collar type can be made to measure in other custom sizes and different widths. Please find more info about that in Non-tightening collar post.

When ordering a Puppy collar, please include:

  • collar type: Puppy collar
  • design/color
  • shipping address
  • payment method