Martingale fabric collar



Martingale collar is suitable for sighthounds and dogs that can easily sneak out of the collar. You can read more about its features and proper use in post What is a martingale collar.

Martingale fabric collar is fully wrapped in decorative fabric or it is made of lining and decorative fabric. In both ways dog’s neck is protectet against rubbing of naylon webbing.

The illustration of the dog’s head shows the loop, through which you place the collar over the dog’s head.

Martingale fabric collars are available in widths:

  • 5 cm
  • 3.6 cm
  • 2.5 cm

You can choose from large variety of colors and patterns that are published in a category PATTERNS.

When ordering a martingale fabric collar, don’t forget to include information about:

  • collar type: martingale fabric collar
  • collar width
  • chosen pattern
  • neck circumference (A), measured in the middle of the neck
  • head circumference (B)
  • shipping address
  • payment method
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